Packaging available for:

American style doughnuts

Classic, filled with chocolate, cream or jam, decorated with white, dark, milk or triple-coloured toppings.

Available in a variety of colours, formats and flavours to get your business booming.

And for those with a creative streak, plain doughnuts to fill as you please.

Our current range is as follows:

  • Lemon DOT – Soft dough filled with delicious lemon cream and decorated with a white chocolate coating and yellow sugar nibs on top.
  • Pink and White DOT – Half coated with pink icing and topped with strawberry and cream flavour sugar balls and filled with delicious white chocolate cream.
  • Dark Deco DOT – Soft dough filled with soft cocoa and decorated with thin chocolate stripes.
  • Strawberry DOT  – Soft dough filled with strawberry jam, with a pink coating and decorated with white sugar strands on top.
  • Caramel DOT – Soft dough filled with caramel cream with white chocolate coating and decorated with a crunchy caramel topping.
  • Three Choc DOT – Soft Dots dough coated in chocolate, decorated with tri -colour chocolate chips and filled with dark chocolate, simply delicious!
  • Safari DOT – An eye-catching yellow animal print on a cocoa coating. Filled with an exquisite cocoa cream.
  • Boston Crème Ball DOT – Soft dough coated in white chocolate, decorated with milk chocolate chips and filled with Boston cream, simply delicious!
  • Forest Fruit Ball DOT – An exotic combination of fruits of the forest and our softest, spongiest dough, lending a fresh new taste to a delicious treat. Filled with three injections of a light blend of fruits of the forest (strawberry, raspberry and black cherry). It is decorated with strawberry-flavoured mini pearls and with a cocoa half coating.
  • Pop DOTs Sugar – Let’s welcome these soft, fluffy mini versions of the authentic Dots. Sprinkled with sugar they become a mini sin. Any time is a good time for a Pop Dots!
  • Pop DOTs Dark – Coated with cocoa they become a mini sin. Any time is a good time for a Pop Dots! Sinful pleasure!
  • Pop DOTs White – The traditional flavour of Dots® dough with a new white chocolate coating, giving the new Pop Dots® a unique flavour. They are a smooth, spongy pleasure that widens the Pop Dots® range. Use your imagination to create different decorations over the new white holes. Your original touch will give added value.

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