For those with a sweet tooth

Fresh and delicious muffins with exquisites fillings and generous and surprising toppings.

Soft, spongy dough, deliciously tempting both inside and out.


Extreme Choc Tulip Muffin

The Extreme Choc Tulip Muffin is filled with intense chocolate cream and chocolate chips inside and outside the muffin.

Cranberry & Yoghurt Tulip Muffin

The Cranberry & Yoghurt Tulip Muffin is filled with Greek style yoghurt and pieces of cranberry inside and outside.

Red Velvet Tulip Muffin

This original coloured muffin has a touch of soft vanilla, it is filled with white chocolate and comes decorated with white chocolate chips on top.

Cheesecake Tulip Muffin

The Cheesecake Tulip Muffin is filled with raspberry jam and decorated with pieces of blown sugar on top.

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