Packaging available for:

Peppers are harvested in August, September and October.

Available in several cuts: diced, strips, pieces and quarters. Also using different processes: blanched, pre-fried and roasted/grilled.

6mm Sliced Red
7mm Sliced Yellow
7mm Sliced Green
10mm Diced Red
20mm Diced Red
20/30mm Red
30/40mm Red
20/30mm Yellow
10mm Diced Green
20/30mm Green
30/40mm Yellow
30/40mm Red & Yellow
10mm Diced Yellow
20mm Diced Yellow
Quarters Yellow
Quarters Red
25mm Sliced Red
Pieces Red
Crumb Red
Crumb Yellow
20mm Diced Green
10mm Diced Red and Green
12mm Sliced Red and Yellow
6mm Sliced Green
6mm Sliced Yellow
6mm Red & Green Mixed
6mm Tri Colour
12-14mm Sliced Red
12-14mm Sliced Yellow
10mm Sliced Red
10mm Sliced Yellow
10mm Red Cuts
30mm Diced Red
30mm Diced Green
Red Pepper Crumb
30mm Diced Red
20mm Diced Red and Green
20mm Diced Red and Yellow

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