Freeworld Foods' Partnerships With Worldwide Suppliers.

We have close associations with manufacturers in Belgium, France, Poland, Holland, Hungary, Denmark, Israel, China and the UK who supply us with a wide variety of vegetable products which you can view on our products page.

Our strategic partners are :

Congelados de Navarra

Congelados de Navarra logo

A leading Spanish commodity and added value vegetable producer located in the Navarra province of Northern Spain. They have a number of state of the art facilities :

  • Arguedas site is a specialist grilling, roasting and frying facility
  • Fustiñana site is a 150,000m² site producing commodity vegetables with packing in bulk octobins, industrial sized units and retails packs, including both plastic and aluminium tray formats.
  • 8 component mixing line producing commodity and added value mixes, with the ability to add meat, fish, poultry and sauces.

visit the Congelados de Navarra website »

Pedoria UK Ltd.

Pedoria logo

A specialist importer of exotic and ethnic frozen vegetables and fruits. Primarily from Thailand, India ,Central and South America. Ensuring that their facilities and products comply with the UK’s stringent technical requirements.
visit the Pedoria website »

Precocinados Frisa S.L.

FRISA S.L. logo

A specialist manufacturer of frozen filled vegetable products. These are produced in a new facility located in the Navarra Province of Northern Spain. These exciting frozen products are available in retail and foodservice formats.
visit the Precocinados Frisa S.L. website »


Berlys logo

The Berlys Corporation was established in 1850. It is a Spanish family owned business which has 8 production centres and 2 logistics centres located in Spain. Berlys specialise in the production and distribution of frozen pre-baked breads, pastries and confectionary products. There brands include the Berlys brand (frozen bakery, pastry and confectionary products), Körfest brand (Fine pastry, confectionary and delicatessen products) and Betina (Gluten Free bakery products).
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Roots for Goods

A Scandinavian sourcing partner providing our range of organic frozen vegetables.

Working Closely With International Frozen Food Manufacturers.

Worldwide partnerships with our suppliers is the key to our success. We have long term supply commitments and our partners match our core values and principles.